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Autumn colours

Hola Amigos!

People ask me what's with the Spanish but they forget I'm half Chihuahua - Mexican!!

Odd few days as Mama Loz has been hiding in a room unpacking boxes but not putting anything into the store. I managed a sneak peak this week and so far there is sparkly reindeer food, hot chocolate kits, polar bear plates and sea creatures with sparkles. It's all a bit confusing for a small dog. I am looking forward to trying a pure new wool blanket when it gets a bit nippy. There's even a box marked 'Eco Friendly Sparklers' - how does that even work I wonder??

I must say the Emsworth Arts Trail was fun, lots of people into the store to look at all the interesting things local artists and craftspeople sell here. There are wooden models, paintings, bags, kits for stitching and loads more. Mama Loz has been very touched by the talent of so many people.

Those RUDE plates are back, along with the fish. I know Yvonne Ellen is a bit whacky but we are surrounding by crumpet and tarts! It is fantastic that people love the panda sugar bowls, the sausage dog party bowls and the poodle jugs. Please note there are no items that look like me. I even spotted mini cushions with very cute dog faces on them - obviously not as cute as I am.

The upstairs rooms have had a makeover - I'd like my little bed in the store to have a makeover too. They look great and there's room for more lovely things to see.

Mama Loz and Fi have been planning a special gift wrapping service and there are mountains of large rolls of paper and ribbons all ready to go. I don't know why people bother with the gift as personally I enjoy the paper a great deal, I'm glad all the paper in the store in recycled, I can assist with any shredding that needs done.

Loads of new cards have joined those we already had. I think some of them are a little too rude to send to people as there's lots of sniggering comes from the card display area ...

Halloween and Guy Fawkes seem to be the buzzwords for the month but I know Mama Loz doesn't like wasteful plastic so she's recycling something for display. She really ought to spend her time feeding me treats from The Dog House tins. The treats have been designed by Michel Roux and I particularly like Sleepy Snacks before bed. The Random Rewards are made from Ostrich, Salmon, Venison and Seaweed and they are so good.

In the store there are new products which even I love - the work of acrylic artist Sam Rogers from Dreamseaart. The images of waves on beaches are stunning and really brighten all the faces of the people who see them.

It's exciting to see Emsworth High Street get new stores in some of the empty buildings - who knew Emsworth was going to be a destination! Lots of lovely different types of shops and the best pet store in the whole universe Mary Puppins Pet Pantry where Holly and Sharon love me a lot.

There's so much to be excited about coming up and I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon, if I'm not in my doghouse (!) I'll be behind the till as usual.

Ciao amigos!

Lucky X

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