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Winter Warmers

Lucky's Blog, an insight into a dog's life working in a store in Emsworth

Hola Amigos!

I do hope fireworks are over for another year, I didn't mind the Eco Sparklers as they didn't bang and looked pretty but thank goodness that's over now. I do worry about all the other animals and birds wondering what is going on. I had some yummy calming Dog House treats so was very chilled out.

However, you do find a disgruntled dog here - the store is full of beautiful wood pieces that I am not allowed to chew! The local makers and craftspeople are producing some outstanding work and Mama Loz is very excited to have been asked to display the work. The superb and talented Adam LaFosse handturned wood bowls are really collector's items and his wooden Xmas trees are delightful! I am not too sure I understand why there are plants growing inside glass but I'm told they are terrariums and I guess they are inside glass so I don't get tempted to do a little sniffing. Still here is some of Sam Roger's work from DreamSeaArt, which is stunning and it actually looks like waves breaking on a beach - I don't know how he does it!

A new maker, Martin, has exciting driftwood seahorses, fish sculptures and mirrors and I heard mention of a shark Diaromas continue to arrive from two lovely ladies and have completely different vibes but are delightful for both wall hanging and as ornaments.

The artists' work is also stunning. Kate L'Amie, Deborah Hochreutener and Jo Silcock have such varied styles and Mama Loz is even providing padded envelopes for some of the work to be posted as gifts for Christmas which I am told is not far away. Kate L'Amie's Thread Art Kits are really funky and I love the Christmas Cactus Collection.

Talking about Christmas Mama Loz aned Fi are even wrapping gifts for people who don't want to do it at home - why wouldn't you want to mess around with crunchy paper and ribbons I wonder?

Polar Bears have appeared on plates and mugs from Yvonne Ellen and they are pretty cute but would look even better with the makings from the hot chocolate kits inside them. I'm not allowed chocolate but it sounds pretty good. There is a suspicious rail hanging in the window with hanging ornaments on it including sea creatures - I guess even stingrays have parties somewhere!

Another new arrival in the lighting range is upcycled artists' easels made into astonishing lamps. They are super funky and sleek and I love the way you can still stand a painting on the easel and have the light on it. The artist, Ian, who is making them has found a passion for upcylcing odd things and making beautiful lamps from them. Adam's wooden and copper lamps also are pretty cool - that pesky wood again.

Lots of little people's gifts are also here right now including wooden toys, books and old fashioned board games. Mama Loz says we are not a toy shop but sometimes the little puppet books are a lovely gift. Better than some of the rude tin signs she sells, I sometimes wonder at how she puts a collection together.

Soon to be arriving are wonderful Christmas Tree Candles from the Recycled Candle Company plus Christmas Potpourri and Room Sprays. Can't wait to have a sniff of all these! I have to say through that since we have posy jars from Blooms and Wishes of Emsworth we are all enjoying the fresh flower smell. These come in little jars and are fresh all week. The dried flowers are really stunning and come from Dolphin Creek flowers which, together with fresh flowers delivered all over the local area also has a handy flower shed open! What talented people live around here!

I also want to sneak upstairs and lie on one of SweetJillyDesigns new chairs. She makes them so comfy and colourful and I also want to lie on her beautiful double sided scarves and Christmas Party Wraps - I wonder if dogs get invited to Christmas Parties?

I have to split my day between chilling in my new bed from Mary Puppins Pet Pantry and sitting at the till serving. I look hopefully at customers in case they have doggie treats for me although Mama Loz says I'm getting a bit chunky! I don't feel the need to diet as yet.

Ciao for now amigos and stay warm!

Lucky Lawrence x

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